Wilhelmina Model offered $15,000 to Destroy Bill Cosby Comes Forward!

I was offered $15,000 to seduce and destroy Bill Cosby

(Before we start down this road. This is what happened in 2004. ‘A woman claimed she was assaulted in 2004 by Bill Cosby. The prosecutor said she didn’t report it for over a year. No evidence. She never said she was raped. The rest happened over 30 years ago. The following information has been fact check and verified and provides evidence that Mr. Bill Cosby is being setup. The casting agent that contact Choice provided the model with two addresses: one to the casting appointment at the Ritz Carlton and a second address to Cosby’s location.)

Bill cosby poses with his son Ennis William Cosby. Ennis Cosby, a graduate student and aspiring teacher, was murdered in Los Angeles in 1997.
Bill cosby poses with his son Ennis William Cosby. Ennis Cosby, a graduate student and aspiring teacher, was mysteriously murdered in Los Angeles in 1997.

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FYM received this Letter on 15 Nov 14.
“I wasn’t going to send this email to FYM, but, the feeding frenzy on Bill Cosby’s character made my response necessary. In 1982, I had a photographer named Choice. Choice was contacted by a casting agent, I was told to meet the client at the Ritz Carlton for lunch in New York in the summer of 82’. This client wanted to talk to

me about a film project. I arrived at the Ritz Carlton at 11:30 AM. Two male clients arrived; a Caucasian male (late 30s) and an Asian male (early 50s). They indicated that I’d be perfect for a film project.

I was told the project paid $5000 cash. I thought that was strange, who pays $5000 cash for a modeling job? The job was to meet Bill Cosby and to try to seduce him; it would be apart of the script. I was confused by this job request? They told me I would be recording the session to see if I was successful and believable? My response to them… I would like to meet Mr. Cosby first and discuss the script. They said no, it wasn’t necessary to meet him. They said it was a spontaneous casting call? I have never in my life heard of a spontaneous casting call.

As a legitimate model this seemed strange and unethical. I immediately turned down the job. The Asian man continued speaking and offered me $10,000 cash upfront and $5000 upon delivery of some seductive photos and some of his sperm. Sperm?
(I was in shock when they said sperm?) I then realized that these two men had unethical intentions. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and then I left the hotel and went home. Now, as a model in New York, I’ve been offered drugs, trips around the world, films, videos, money from rich men, casting couch and the list is endless.

As a naive model you’re offered many compromising projects, but, this blew my mind. I was offered $15,000 to seduce and destroy Bill Cosby. Why else would they need suggestive photos and sperm? I also realized that America has a history of oppressing, killing and destroying successful and poor people of color.

Bill Cosby, NBC's biggest star of the 80's, tried to buy the television network 1992. Some say this was linked to his son's death.
Bill Cosby, NBC’s biggest star of the 80’s, tried to buy the television network 1992. Some say this could have been linked to his son’s death.
I wasn’t going to send this letter to FYM, but, the media lynching of one of our global icons (Bill Cosby), is simply
unacceptable. Also, after watching Nightline, Associated Press, CNN, CBS, NPR, Fox, and many other news outlets blatantly misconstrue and lied about old dismissed allegations of Bill Cosby. I’m shocked by the lack of integrity of our major news media. Why would CNN, ABC, CBS, AP and the like lie about 30 year old untrue news?

Nightline simply cut, deleted and distorted the Cosby interview– making him appear guilty. What has happened to the integrity of our nation?

I was offered $15,000 cash to discredit and ruin Bill Cosby’s good name. I’m

100% convinced that all the women coming forward have been paid off to discredit Bill Cosby as well. Why? He is simply too powerful, his intentions is to empower people of color and his net worth would anger any weak man… Continue below.
I think most people are good people. My intentions aren’t to insult white people, but, the facts are the facts.
It’s a fact that–9/10th of the global population are people of color and only 1/10th of the global population are whites. As in Ferguson, 21,000 people of color are controlled and abused by 60 white city officials. Reminds me of a plantation. The world doesn’t want powerful people like Bill Cosby to empower people of color and teach them that we have always had the power in numbers and economically.

Lest we forget; over the last 500 years our government has hunted, oppressed, enslaved and murdered: millions of Indians, millions of black slaves, millions of people of color globally, Black Wall Street, Medgar Evers, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, Mike Brown, etc.

In America, in 2014, white police officer(s) murders black unarmed men at a rate of every 28 hours or murders unarmed black men 4.5 times more than white men. Gosh, black men only make up 6% of the American population represent 51% of the prison population? While white men are 31% of the American population. I black man get murdered for selling 10 cent cigarettes he bought; while a white men can steal trillions of dollars from the banks, causes a global recession and not even indictment?

Sadly, America has a long history of killing and oppressing powerful & poor people of color. This is why I came forward. I hope this open letter reaches the media and our beloved Bill Cosby and his loving family.

I have been a member of FYM for 2 years and I trust http://freeyourmindandthink.com because they are an open source sharing community. FYM educates people on creating a world that provides: free housing, free organic healthy food sources, free educational resources, free health care for all and heals the earth. FYM has nothing to gain by posting this ‘open letter’ and I simply don’t trust the news media.

Please don’t get angry at my photographer, the modeling agency and or FYM. I simply came forward because no one should lose their good name because of an allegation or lie. It’s like burning a witch to death because her neighbor said she was a witch. I hope we are better than religious practices. I have to say, I’m very disappointed in how the media frames the news.”

On November 15, 2014, FYM, received an email from a Free Housing Project member. (All Free Housing Members are verified through a background check prior to membership. This female member has been a member for 2 years and has worked on several missions.) She explained in her email that she trusts FYM’s to post the truth about Bill Cosby. She would like to remain anonymous. (FYM fact checks all information prior to release.) FYM has verified the identity of the model who worked with Choice and Wilhelmina Models in 1982. She also provided (FYM) with the booking agents information; names of each casting agent and location. She was given Bill Cosby’s location during that time and we confirmed the location. (Important note: Choice & Wilhelmina had no prior knowledge of this situation. Bad people book models all the time.)
This letter was not edited or censored by FYM. (All authors who post on our site have access to update their post.) FYM is located in America which is the land of the free. Please keep in mind all human beings are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by ones peers.

Also check out Bill Cosby’s innocence, Hollywood Pedophiles, and why all people don’t think alike.

109 thoughts on “Wilhelmina Model offered $15,000 to Destroy Bill Cosby Comes Forward!

  1. alan green says:

    THANKS for standing up with the truth, I am so sick of these women coming forward after thirty & forty years
    with these allegations. At one point I thought perhaps there could be some truth in some of them, but now
    that its been so many and they still are coming forward, I am disillusioned and convinced they are being paid
    something to destroy this mans character. Shame on them and the news media for consistently allowing these
    untruths to come forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am too glad for someone speaking up for Mr. Cosby…I am not saying one way or the other against or for, but, come on people after more than 20 to 30 years later. What’s wrong with this picture? Thank for posting your truth. I am a huge fan of Mr. Cosby and will continue to support the truth.. I did say the truth…..

    • DSuth says:

      Good for you for coming forward…I was always suspicious of these allegations…and not just bcs of the 30 year time frame…having worked with survivors of different forms of sexual abuse…I get that…my issue was the rapid succession with which the allegations were coming out…it was really beginning to look like a plan to ruin his reputation and career…which is really disgraceful.

      • call me nappy says:

        This is simply a jealous reaction from a social circle that Mr. Cosby found himself socializing among , them not liking his standards that he set ‘ set out to prove that he is a sinner like all of them’ No Mr Cosby is and were not perfect ,but i am sure he came over to many who wanted a piece of him as anti social and thinking that he was better than them’ this is the result of his rubbing elbows with evildoers”

    • Anonymous says:

      This is quite possible but it would really help if the model would go to the police and publicly use her name to give stronger support of her claim

      • Anonymous says:

        The police don’t care about us. To them he is just another black man also known as a thug because of his skin tone. I’m not saying there all bad, but have you heard of the good ones voicing there opinions against the bad ones, hell no! the whole thing is sad. I love Mr. Cosby and I’ll keep him and his family in my prayers.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have always said from the beginning of all the allegations that this was all a pack lies, simply because, how can you have these many women accusing this man and not one came forward In 30 years, these lies must but but to a halt. How can they do this to a person do they know God? I don’t think so! Thank you so much for coming forward that shows that some people do stand on the truth and not try and get rich of of lies.

    • Remmie Male says:

      Sometimes I don’t want to even imagine that these crazy plots in the name of racial prejudice are true but I need to wake up and smell the coffee!

      Every grate black American I know here in Africa is turned into a monster at the pinnacle of their carriers!

      Poor Michael Jackson, the golf guy Tiger Woods, now Bill Cosby, I hear atrocities of 30years ago but now the guilty ones are confessing that they were paid to destroy the guy!

      For heaven’s sake you took these souls from Africa, ripped them apart socially through slavery and unimaginable animalistic acts against man kind, to-date you shoot them at sight!

      Actually as I write this I find my heart breaking to pieces and I can’t stop crying.

      I can’t stereo type all White folks in America because I lived and worked with some great ones but God these black Americans need a break!

      These are humans striving to get there human place again and animals, monsters out there keep pulling them down.

      I guess white folks in Hollywood have the PHD syndrome ( Pull Her/Him Down). Eish Banaye, I begoooooo, have some shame you racist ignorant animals out there, have some shame!

  2. Cornelia Nadolu says:

    It’s absolute revolting this accusation !!! These women are all the same if you analyse them . A bunch of addicts either alcohol or drugs , they are failures of the society . Women who at some point in life wanted to be in the industry and they couldn’t make it . Look at that old ugly drugged ex-model Dickinson . This actually is the only way she has some publicity these days and probably got some much needed cash and maybe she hopes to settle for couple of millions ! Disgusting ! I hope the courts and juries will see through them and Bill will be left in peace !

  3. James Bailey says:

    There is no way on earth over 20 people kept quite about something like this over the amount of time that has passed if it were true. The bullshit about it can easily be seen by anyone with the slightest common sense.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I am glad that the model came forward with the truth about Bill Cosby. There has never been any doubt in my mind that Bill Cosby, was being set-up from the start. I do agree that this has been a growing problem among our powerful black men. To name a few Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jordan, Coby Bryant, and the list goes on, and it will continue to happen as long as we remain divided instead of united. What I mean by this statement is that we as a people are so quick to judge a person before finding out the true facts. With that being said the media can build you up and destroy you all at the same time. All I have to say is people WAKE UP!

  5. MADDI MADD says:


  6. B says:

    Well I agree that the Bill Cosby thing is all BS. I think this story came out because of all the white police killing black people. Although I think the cops were justified. If you actually look at the evidence. But the Cosby thing came out to put a black person on trial to take the spotlight off white people. There were several black on white crimes that were never reported cause they weren’t big enough and wouldn’t level the playing field but using a celebrate. Would be a big enough story and level it out.

    • George says:

      The Cosby allegations started coming out before the Michael Brown incident and the other incidents. Also, if you really think the cops were justified, then you need your head examined. The evidence does not remotely show that deadly force was necessary.

    • edith says:

      I can see this being a big set up, because I’m poor, but I’ve been set up too just to run me out of my small little business just because I’m black, and a woman trying to earn a living. And racist white people, and my ex husband didn’t like me thriving on my own.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been very skeptical of all these allegations suddenly popping up damn near 40 years later. The same BS talk about them being afraid to come forward because nobody would believe them is such a crock of shit. Trust me..if a white woman tells the cops she was drugged and raped by a negro..they’d throw his black ass in jail with the quickness even if it was Bill Cosby..in fact ESPECIALLY if it was a powerful black man like Bill Cosby. So spare me the BULLSHIT !

    • Anitah Davis says:

      Very true, the judicial system, especially, would have made an example of him for all to see! Every judge, defense attorney and prosecutor would have been on the side of those women. Right or wrong he’d be in jail like so many other famous people, no doubt!

      • Sherry says:

        I agree. That’s the same thing i have been saying all along. How can a black man back in that day get away with drugging and raping a white woman i don’t care how much money and power he has. They would have formed a lynch mob.
        I’m not saying he’s all the way faithful and clean. There could have been a few he may have truly had sex with where both parties were in agreement, but not all of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just jail, but he would’ve been found somewhere hung from a tree. So let’s be for real, there’s no way not one but over twenty WHITE women wouldn’t told someone about a black man raping them. I simply don’t believe it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just can’t believe how the media set out to destroy Bill Cosby good name and didn’t research there information and strip him of all his accomplishments but remind you that no one gave the money back he donated shame on anyone who do not support Mr Cosby. What women you know take 20 years to say she was rape?

  8. Pat says:

    Although the numbers are small because people like to get dirt on others in a major way, it still renews my faith in others who are brave enough to announce the TRUTH! Why would this be so big? Because of an Icon! A Black icon! People possess a lynching spirit and use it to manipulate to achieve what it is THEY want. Backstabbing, Gossiping, lying, Cheating, to have tangible things…Wow! And at the end of the day…suffering, suffering, suffering… In your body you suffer, your love ones suffer, your environment suffers. And I hope all who took the bait to participate in this lynching… SUFFER. Do unto others as you would have them do unto YOU!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i could’ve said it better my self. Vengeance is mine says the Lord our God. Just know…..you -your grand children- your great grand children and their children is directly effected from the day of their births! You have no idea evidently the consequences of your modern day Lynching. It’s all wrong whatever part you have in it.. Just Wrong! There are consequence for all doings…I’ll be praying for you and yours

  9. beverly says:

    I too am thankful someone came forward to speakout and sspeak up for Mr. Cosby. Injustices are a daily ritual in our society. Mr. Cosbys goal was geared at EDUCATION and assertion of One’s self. .Regardless of Color or Gender. In laten terms it was and still is a stance on GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES ABD MAKE SOMETHING POSITIVE HAPPEN. STOP WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO GIVE IT TOO.. his integrity and character are assaulted because he is a Powerful Man with a Real Msg for all…not just for the colored. I too agree all these years later..cone on ..it does stink with a loud stinch of bull shit…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Not one of them said he force them to come where he was. Mansion,His home, hotels,ect. They went by choice. He a great man and they all was trying to get something from him. The stress and emotional state that they have him and his wife in is sad. The one that claims to have his child, lie. Said child in jail for extortion. DNA don’t lie. If I was Carmille I would file my own law suit against every single one of those THOTS. If they get one dime 9cents would be mine, for being in my home and emotional stress.

  10. Mary says:

    I knew, I knew, I knew it. I knew when he kept his mouth close, there was something wrong I kinda thought there were threats being made. So he kept quiet. Knowing his family, friend’s, and fan’s would be there. But the Lord said I got him. And so he did. Amen

    • Arlene says:

      THANK YOU…finally…prove…that there is some raciest corporate behind this… they need to be expose and held accountable for their actions

  11. Katy says:

    I am delighted to read this article relating to the TRUTH concerning Mr. Bill Cosby!
    Great Leaders don’t succeed because they are great. They succeed because they bring out the greatness in others.

  12. James White Jr says:

    It takes one bad seed to spoil a Bach of good seeds accusing Mr Cosby of this is very mean and nasty like Mitch McConnell who don’t like Obama why cause he said and did what Bush didn’t do stop the negativity towards the color of our skin cause whites didn’t create us God did stop the media for creating this rumor about Mr Cosby and give him a TV apology

  13. Maria E Cuadra says:

    I’m a 65 years old Spanish female, never think that Mr. Cosby is Guilty, I can understood one person for any reason keeping silent for a long time but not all those women accused him. I was enjoy watched the Cosby show a clean family show with my grandkids and now we are missing a great show for some ladies not have moral and accused a innocent person for a coupe of dollars.

  14. Kiwone says:

    Sad it’s not right how money can and will make people of any color do anything. I myself is poor well not above the Parvati line I am 38 years ago grew up off the Cosby show and I never heard any of the casting crew come forward and say hey bill got me the same way. Now they are attacking the mother of the show. Just crazy

  15. Angela Davis says:

    Unfortunately those in power throughout history have manipulated and distorted for their own purposes across all racial lines. People will continue to be duped and manipulated by the media! Learn to think for yourself. Get off the judgment wagon and live your life so you have no regrets. What Bill Cosby did or did not do is of no concern to anyone. It is amazing how consumed we are with “news”. It’s a great distractor from living your own life!

  16. Rashida says:

    I don’t believe William H. Cosby drugged and raped anyone. Some of these white women are alleging rape from an era when Black men were routinely lynched for just smiling at a white woman. Total BS! She was afraid of what? A Black man so powerful that he could rise above her cry of rape? This is still America folks, this its just not reality.

    Is there a story that we are not being told? Yes, there is. Someone is out to teach Mr. Cosby a “lesson”, at all costs.

  17. Ta blessed says:

    So glad this is out, this situation is crazy I though the same thing that there is no way “no one” would have said something in 30-40 years, or told a friend or family member. I pray that Mr. Cosby is proven innocent and thins shall be restored. I pray deliverance from lying tongues as well

  18. John Leftwich says:

    It is good that this information is out …..however I think we should find a way to put this on the main line. The same way they distribute false information we should be able to put the truth out. If major news stations won’t put it in the News we should boycott all news ( I already boycott fox ) programs

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s no way a black man in that time and era gets a way not one but 30 white women. No way if you look at a white women you got hung.

    • Dre says:

      This comment probably makes the most accurate. Not to disagree with anything anybody else said. But lets be honest, no matter how rich or powerful, a black man wasn’t about to get away with that many rapes in that time period. I mean I’m sure we where past lynching but still.

  20. SICK & TIRED OF BEING SICK & TIRED.... says:

    ………………..GOD WINS………………..EVIL FOLKS FINALLY LOSE, BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Preston says:

    There are a group of people that will do anything in there power to keep us uninformed they realize if we were to become enlighten on our greatness as a people a lot of us wouldn’t fall for the BS. Drugs, Alcohol , Violence(B onB) and the disliking of our own people. We would change a lot things. Bill wanted to do something positive (Network) They like hell No we can’t let that happen.

  22. Maggie Greenshields says:

    Its the Michael Jackson case all over again. People just have to say the word RAPE and point at someone and the damage is done. Most people can’t come back from an allegation like that. They loose their family, their jobs, their good name, and their dignity, often sadly some commit suicide. I HOPE BILL COSBY HOLDS HIS HEAD HIGH AND SHAKES IT OFF!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think when women make that allegation against a man, and then it is proven to be untrue, there should be consequences for that! What do they do? March off into the sunset and nothing happens to them, while the accused men have to live with this lie forever….because there are so many people who just so seem to want to believe the lie! I have supported Bill Cosby from the beginning and I am white. I also agree that they were getting nervous about him speaking out to the black youth and trying to get them started in the right direction, trying to get them off the government dole because they control them. I was so happy to hear a group of black people in a community saying how they believed Obama would help them, then he didn’t..then they voted for him again, and he didn’t do anything for them and their communities….. I believe ALL politicians lie to get into office! And, they keep we the people divided so we are lower in numbers. I hope enough of us of all races, ethnicities, genders…I hope we can all come together and get things to our control and stop this nonsense! “Together we stand, divided we fall”…. This country was created for “we the people”…not the government. I sure hope these women are all found guilty but beyond that, they should actually do prison time for destroying another. Bill Cosby has been a real class act for years and I’m a fan. I will stand for him through all of this and am happy to see others that are because the news has been condemning in the worst way and it was making me crazy. God bless you Mr. Cosby! You and your family!

      • Anonymous says:

        They slap them on the hands. I was accused of sexual assault by a woman and sat in jail for two years because I couldn’t pay the million dollar bond. A week before my trial, she confessed that she made the story up to hurt me because she thought I was cheating on her. Long story short, they only charged her with an misdemeanor and fined her $100.

  23. Bobbie says:

    I never believed the stories, lies or otherwise about Bill Cosby. It has long been a wicked practice of White women to holler “rape” after she’s voluntarily gapped for a Black man. When Black women join in on this evil practice…how much sadder can we get? I’m thankful this lady came forth. I hope she won’t have to eventually come visibly public, and be hound. But, if so, I pray she be brave, trust Father God, and do so. For whatever reason they want Cosby out of the way, I pray he stands firm. I wonder if Donald Trump has something to do with this destroy Cosby campaign, since Cosby criticized him. If so, may he fall into his own trap. The propaganda News Media only serve to mind control the masses with repeating stories and to take your mind/attention away from what is really going. We get very little true News.

  24. liz says:

    It is so sad how the media loves lies isn’t it strang how they forgot all the good things about Bill, and how the college, that he has supported treated him, and these sorry women, the media should have investigated them more, but what happen, the media wanted to hear thatlie and run with it. People are filled with so much doubt, well he could have, don’t you all know by now, a lie don’t care who tells it , long as it gets told. All the good this man has done and one lie has made everyone forget the good.

  25. Marilynn Hession says:

    I totally believe that Bill Cosby is being set up and these women are being paid to smear him. But I’m white and LOVE Bill Cosby and all he’s done over the years. I don’t know that this is so much a campaign by whites to discredit him. He stands for not blaming so much on racism and the youth doing something productive and good with their lives. I think someone is trying to silence him because racism is so being pushed right now! I have NEVER been racist, and it hurts me deeply if anyone misconstrues what I say and call it racism! I am a Christian, and love everyone (not perfectly like Jesus… but I’m aiming for that!). There is a whole lot of evil going on right now and it’s affecting all of us no matter what our color. The Bible predicts all of this. I just think stirring up racism is another tool of the enemy to destroy us. I feel so sorry for the Cosbys. After all he’s done, to have this smear campaign… and I can’t believe anyone is buying it!!! As Jesus said, “by their fruits you will know them.”

  26. Earline says:

    Mr. Cosby has too much, has accomplished so much, given so much and contributed so much that White men fear his existence and his capabilities. He is a powerful man and no Black Man deserves to have that kind of power, intellect, smarts, money nor legacy. This is a total conspiracy by evil doers who will reap what they sow. We need to continue to support Mr. Cosby and above all things pray for him. All that he has lost he will get back double fold. Most of us still embrace him, his teachings, his legacy, his morals and his ability to make us laugh in the midst of hard times. A young woman who was severely abused as a kid told me the only thing that helped her keep her sanity while she was being abused was the fact that she could mentally will herself to go to the Cosby house weekly and become one of his children for that half hour. He does not deserve this and God knows it. Some people will do anything for money because they have no soul nor conscience. Lets continue to pray for Mr. Cosby!!

  27. Bennetta says:

    I do believe there has been a conspiracy against Mr. Cosby since 1992, he is educated, intellegent, well spoken and articulate, this is a fear of society. I’m truly sadden that everyone just jumped on the he is guilty bandwagon. No one bother to investigate the facts before putting this information out to the media. He went from being loved to one of the most perverted men known in Hollywood. I don’t like to focus on race and I try to see the positive in people, so I truly thank you for given us the truth about Mr. Cosby. I do not here the media talking about this or putting this all over the magazines and on CNN.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone help with some intense private investigating?! Surely one of these accusers will leak info to a friend, or there can be evidence attained if they are followed, etc. It is definitely the same thing that has happened to many other black “heros” of our time . I am white, btw, and respect Bill Cosby, and never believed OJ was guilty, or Michael Jackson, and there are many others. Our society is inundated with racists and KKK members, all the police corruption, etc. They will do anything to keep blacks down and by ruining the reputation of prominent black men they tarnish the entire black population and it becomes easier to recruit new members into the KKK. So sad.
    I’m just hoping there might be somone out there with the financial resources to do something to help, before he “mysteriously” ends up dead or becomes another “suicide”.

  29. Leona M. Abdullah-Allen says:

    I always felt something was going to save him, I knew he was being framed, I am so happy my feelings were real. Thanks for being a Harriet Tubman and coming forward maybe this will start a trend going in this direction and we will begin to believe, trust, and love each other again bringing about the Black community that we once were.

  30. Erma Wilburn says:

    This destruction of Black leaders and men and women of color is orchestrated and well planned and started in the 80’s . My Aunt was in Miami when a group of White men made this manifesto a part of their agenda at a secret meeting. Anyone who has any credibility to rise as a leader, anyone who has the financial capacity to affect there quest to maintain absolute power is to be discredited or killed, The reign of terror has been relentless and effective. No one is off limit, Athletes, entertainers, Spiritual leaders world wide, This can only be rooted out by an act of God. Watch Him move. More will come forward to confess as this evil is exposed.

  31. Dwight Jackson says:

    I said it first “NOT GUILTY” but It really doesn’t matter. They have accomplished what they wanted! We can make guesses about what the Hell they are up to, but we want know, only G-d Knows! However, again I will save it “First”, I’ll put up $500 to $1.00 that Bill Cosby don’t Win this Case nor will He Lose it! WHY? Because they will put at least one or two jurors in there even at a Million Dollars or more to cause a Hung a Jury. Some that many people will be left wondering….WHAT REALLY HAPPENED???

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always said it was something wrong with this picture of all of this coming up all these t ears later. So since those were out of time limit they found somebody that was willing to coming in & use a newer date to try to get him discredited. But what disturbs me the most is the fact that everything he had worked hard for all his life, everything he has earned in his years given to the world is being taken without any proof that theses things actually occured. Money he gave to black college was given back & his name taken down & removed from college board members. Taking his star name off the ground in Hollywood. As close as he word with Felicia Reshad if she didn’t say these things happened then did it really? I dont believe they did. Someone is angry or jealous if BILL COSBY. Wonder if it does have to do with his son’s death?

  33. Ormash says:

    There are lessons to be learned from this saga. First lesson is Bill Crosby finally found out who are his true friends, because most denounced him. Second, hopefully he adjusted his somewhat condescending way of addressing his less fortunate brothers and sisters when he speaks to them. Third, this charade revealed the gullibility of most people by believing the words of known liars such as the media and disgruntled white women. This combination have been lying and lynching us for hundreds of years and yet we still fall victim. So Live and learn

    • Paige says:

      Bill Cosby turned on the kitchen light in the hood and all the roaches scattered!!! For all those that turn the other way, and couldn’t stand to look at the trail of bodies, the pool of blood on a weekly bases because of drive-by’s so we hush it up, sweep it under the carpet, take an oath of silence so we won’t be next one. The people who CHOSE to allow the white man to exploit them by selling poison to their own people knowing that addiction was a sure thing due to the depression caused by oppression, but guess what the evil powers that be knew it was a sure thing too! Who REALLY sold us out???? It certainly wasn’t Bill Cosby, I think I’ll write a book and call it “Willful Slaves and drug dealers, crack heads who blame Bill Cosby and the people who love living that way” Then my next book will be called “How the low vibration of rap music with or without drugs destroyed the black youth, and why it’s still popular to this day” My last book will be called ” Why parents don’t protect their children from being exploited by the entertainment industry”.

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  35. David S says:

    i was like wow I hope this is true I loved Bill Cosby…..sadly while I kept reading I figured out the person who wrote this started to make this about racist behaviours and started talking about cops killing blacks and that is when I realized the writer of this article is full of shit and most likely a member of the reverse KKK group BLM….this is total bullshit.

    • Admin says:

      We are not BLM and a reverse KKK doesn’t exists. Fact is Around the same time Bill Cosby tried to purchase CBS his son was murdered…not robbed. So it seems you may be full of $#!^.

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