Is Michael Kors a racist? You be the judge.

Is Michael Kors a racist? Here are 3 reasons why you may not want to wear Micheal Kors purses anymore:

Number 1: He doesn’t support Black causes or charities. Why should he? Well the majority of his customers are black women and giving back to the people who made you a millionaire is the right thing to do.

I know he’s a business man and he does’n€™t care about the women buying his purses. Unlike Tommy Hilfiger, who made a conscious effort to connect to hip-hop celebrities and by extension communities of color, Michael Kors has made no attempt to reach a diverse clientele.

I know you’re thinking about the campaign with Halle Berry€, but that was so wack. Buy a teeshirt from him and after you buy his tee, he’s going to feed some children… He’s a Billionaire he doesn’t  need us to buy t-shirts to give. Why not donate from the billions of dollars he makes daily from purses? Or why not feed the children in Brooklyn or other inner cities where the majority of his clientele are?

A Month before he decided to be so charitable A New York Times article pointed out that the Micheal Kors purses which are primarily purchased exclusively by black women are routinely locked up unlike the other brands. I guess he has to protect his bags from all those black women who are spending hundreds of dollars buying them?

Number 2: His designs are not original.

Take a look at the Louis Vuton “€œNeverfull” purse compared to the Michael kors “Jet set travel Tote”€. Look familiar?

And Instead of spending $50,000+ on a pink Hermes Birkin bag made from pink ostrich leather, you can get the bite from Michael Kors Hamilton Large North South Tote.

And look at the Michael Kors, Chanel bite….. Im surprised this guy is not in a lawsuit lol

And Number 3: Michael Kors advertising campaigns generally show no black people or people of color….ever!

He uses White Country Club scenes showing the rich elite in private jets and yachts.. A major contrast to his actual consumers. According to Ebony, Jet, two of the top leading african american publications, he has never advertised in either one.

With Michelle Obama wearing his dress in her official white house picture its no wonder how he got so popular with black women.

Now check out this purse called the inside Job by Nation19. It’s hand made in the United States with durable materials and made by a black designer. It is available by clicking the link and we have a special for Mothers Day. It’s available in Black and White!

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7 thoughts on “Is Michael Kors a racist? You be the judge.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know what who gives a damn about what that bastard thinks o r. Say if it wasn’t for our black sisters that white punk wouldn’t be where his funky ass at today and if you think about it hell all white people have some black in theyre ass any way hell they was freaking the black slaves and the ehites was sucking these niggas titty milk so what the hell they talking bout thet ass wasn’t complaininfg then so don’t complain now and fuck Ugly ass Monkey Kors nobody don’t need his shit hell he stole other people’s shit any way a fake ass white kunta kinte fuck his dumb ass he lucky so many of the sisters bought his bullshit because if not his ass would be just like me broke and ugly the ugly bitch sister dont purchase no more of that shit and watch how fast his ass go down we black and hispanics made him rick a dumn fuck should have kept his mouth shut ass hole.

  2. #notyourfan says:

    It is sad that he thinks he’s better than me. It is because of the African Americans his wannabe purse sold. We all know his bags are knockoffs of Prada, Chanel, LV, Hermès just a few. Hey Mikey try being original and just Maybe u might make it without “your fans.” I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you because on judgement day God will let you see how well you will do. It just might be a prayer from ur fan that tilt the scale in ur favor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the “Willie lynch” syndrome effect comment. However it’s even deeper than that, we as a people can’t see it. So we continue to pursue the these people and the only thing they want from us is our buying power. Our dollars make them and in turn we destroy us.

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