Virtue Magazine interview with Nation19 / APDTA

Nation19 / APDTA CEO Queen Muhammad Ali

Reprinted from Virtue Magazine winter 2014

Nation19 / APDTA CEO Queen Muhammad Ali
Nation19 / APDTA CEO Queen Muhammad Ali on the cover of Virtue Magazine Winter 2014


“Keep family first and have fun at what you are doing. Never let money be your only motivation and you will be successful.” –Queen Muhammad Ali

Virtue- What is Nation 19? Can you please give us a little background information on yourself and your company?

Queen- Nation19 is a lifestyle project influenced by a variety of defining traits from UFO phenomenon, metaphysics, ancient civilizations, archeology, indigenous cultures, and Hip-Hop. Owned and operated by our Scottsdale design and marketing firm, Mobile Regime, LLC. Nation19 has several distinctive brands that are trademarked in the US and abroad. Sold worldwide online and stock lists in boutique stores across the United States, Nation19 has expanded beyond apparel, accessories and headwear, to a seasonal magazine and youth movement. I serve as the Chief Executive Officer, my husband Hakeem Khaaliq serves as Chief Creative Officer, Sylvester Muhammad (Advisor), Cherrie Muhammad (Advisor), Ronald Muhammad(Sales Manager-PHX), Jahsua Muhammad Ali (Translator), Shahida Muhammad (Writer), Hadiyah Muhammad Ali (Proof Reader), Alberto Alvarez (International Business), Steven Muhammad (Business Associate-PHX) We also have many other photographers and talented people throughout the world.

Virtue- What are some of the logos used on the clothing? Can you explain their meaning? (Ex. APDTA means “All… etc.)

Queen and Hakeem-The number “19” (Alfa & Omega which means beginning & ending) is a sacred and universal code used in ancient books and archeology. The number “19” actually has no association with religion and is purely a mathematical code used by advance indigenous civilizations throughout the world. The 19 code was identified and discovered by Egyptian Chemist Rashad Khalifa, PHD in the late 1960’s.

APDTA stands for many different things to many different people for example, To the Hip Hop community it represents: “All People don’t think alike”. To Muslims and the Islamic world it means: “All Praises due to Allah”. To the Mexican community especially in Arizona it means: ”All Patriots don’t trust Arpaio or America”.

Virtue- What suggestions do you and your husband have for young couples who want to build a business together?

Queen- Hakeem and I know our roles, our weaknesses and strengths. This is crucial when working together as family. Keep family first and have fun at what you are doing. Never let money be your only motivation and you will be successful.

Virtue-What about siblings? What is the benefit of working with family? What other family members are involved in your business and in what way?

Queen- Our family plays a very important role in Nation19, but we look at every person who is a part of our business as family. Working in this manner helps us to create a creative work environment that is productive, and fun. Virtue-Why did you all decide to do a documentary? What information did you find the most inspiring?

Queen-After the passing of my Grandmother, a prominent figure in the American Samoan Christian community, I lost the strongest influence of my maternal ancestry. And that was the catalyst in the making of the film, “The Last Matai” We also wanted to stress the importance of knowing your roots and history, especially the youth…and not waiting for someone else to write it for us. We can’t let what happened in Egypt to the Sphinx keep happening. We have to be the ones to tell the next generation how great of a people we were and still are in order for them to build the future. When a people think that they come from an ancestry of savages and cannibals, they will always look to another people for salvation, but if they know that they come from an ancestry of Kings, Queens, and an advanced civilization, they will look at themselves as the gods they are and solve their own problems. My husband, Hakeem, is a film Director and Designer who has worked with Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, David Banner, Derrick Rose and more. This project is his 4th documentary.

Hakeem- Filming in Samoa was a life changing event for all of us. Basically the Island is paradise on earth. The experience of documenting Queen reconnecting with her history was the equivalent of watching Roots on TV.

Ronald Muhammad- The whole Matai system which is the ancient governmental system, and the way young people respect and honor the parents and elders was inspiring for me. This was my first trip outside the US and traveling with Nation19 was an awesome experience.

Virtue – What is the vision you have for Nation 19 and where can we get some of the products?

Hakeem- The vision of Nation19 is whatever God guides us to do. We don’t embark on projects or create products to only make money. It’s from inspiration and wanting to deliver high science and truth in a universal way.

Queen- The vision is TOP SECRET. (Laughing). Google us, we’re on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest or go to Virtue – Yes, ma’am. (Laughing). We will definitely encourage our readers to check out your website if they want to learn more. Peace.

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