Kanye breaks down the fashion game with Sway!

Kanye breaks down the fashion game to Sway: APDTA

Before you watch this video please keep a couple of things in mind. Kanye is a genius pure and simple. Unfortunately, we have seen others speak of the same problems ye is building on. Notable black entertainers like Micheal Jackson, Oprah, Bill Cosby, Micheal Jordan, Dr Dre and others who reached a certain threshold with success are systematically marginalized by certain powers that don’t want to loose the power over the masses. There is so much important info Kanye dropped in this interview but most will probably only hear his anger and ego and not his heart to establish a business of quality products. APDTA (all people don’t think alike)

Sway is right tho…you don’t need to goto Nike. But we understand why Kanye did.

Actual Facts

Nike’s ‘most anticipated shoe ever is designed by Kanye West. Kanye is not an athlete he’s a rapper.

– Nation19 Magazine / APDTA

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