Is the NYPD killings a False Flag or a Hoax? We have questions.

The killing of innocent people is never right or justified. We are hoping this is not a false flag or hoax or a plan to use this situation to allow police around the country to use lethal force against civilians. By no means are we detectives but something about this incident is very strange.

Below we listed a few questions that maybe you can help us answer.

1. Why did Baltimore police fax a flyer to NYPD versus calling or emailing this threat? Apparently the fax was received 5 mins before the shootings. The flyer warns that Brinsley had posted on Instagram “that he will shoot a police officer today. (this is strange)

Brinsley Wanted Flyer_Page_1
Brinsley Wanted Flyer_Page_1 Faxed to NYPD from Baltimore Police 5 mins before the killings in Brooklyn.

(bonus question)
Why would Baltimore Police Department fax a picture (above) that doesn’t show his face when they have a photo (below) of the suspect when he was arrested in the past?

2. According to his Ex girlfriends Mother Brinsley called her and apologized after he supposedly shot his ex girlfriend Shaneka Nicole Thompson in the stomach on accident. He called from his ex girlfriends cell phone.

3. He is an alleged Black Muslim radical who speaks Arabic with ties to Black Guerrilla Family. How was this information sourced? Last time we checked having an Arabic name does not make you a muslim anymore than having a name like Peter, Paul or John Smith make you a Christian. How did the police have this much info so fast?

4. Why would an angry black man avenge Eric Garner and Mike Brown by killing police officers who were Asian & Latino?

5. Why does all the photos of Ismaaiyl A. Brinsley on a ambulance stretcher look like he was handcuffed after supposedly committing suicide? (This photo has been removed by request of the photographer Mr. Theodore Parisienne. To view this amazing photo go here:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/copshot.jpg)

6. How did they know immediately this was in retaliation for Eric Garner…did he write a manifest or suicide note stating this?

7. How is his alleged Instagram page a reliable source?

Brinsley's Instagram page "dontrunup" has been disabled.
Brinsley’s Instagram page “dontrunup” has been disabled.

8. Is there CCTV footage from the subway platform?

9. Where were the newspaper stories from Baltimore about the shooting of the Ex Girlfriend?

10. Why is the only picture of his ex girlfriend showing her dressed in military fatigues? Is she a military officer?

Brinsley's ex Girlfriend Shaneka Nicole Thompson wearing military fatigues.
Brinsley’s ex Girlfriend Shaneka Nicole Thompson wearing military fatigues.

11. The police car doesn’t show any visible bullet holes or blood.


 12. Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were working as part of an anti-terrorism drill in Bedford-Stuyvesant during the time they were killed by a alleged Muslim Terrorist. Isn’t that impossible?????!!!!

13. Why are the only official photos of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos showing them posing in front of a movie green screen behind them?

Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos pictures on a video green screen used for Chroma key special effects. Officer Wenjian Liu uniform doesn't look like it fits him and his head looks photoshopped.
Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos pictures on a video green screen used for Chroma key special effects. Officer Wenjian Liu uniform doesn’t look like it fits him and his head looks photoshopped.

14. How was Brinsley able to take photos inside of a police department while possibly being arrested or detained?

shooting photos from jail? how is that possible?


Here is the official timeline of Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s movements on a day that began with the unauthorized entry into his ex-girlfriend’s house and ended with his suicide in a Brooklyn subway station:

Enters apartment of ex-girlfriend Shaneka Thompson in Owings Mills, Maryland with a key he should not have had. They argue.

Brinsley fires a single shot at Thompson, reportedly into her stomach. He flees with her cell phone.

Brinsley calls Thompson’s mother to apologize for shooting her. He claims it is an accident, and that he hopes she lives.

Baltimore County Police begins monitoring him. They track Thompson’s cellphone to the I-95 freeway, where he is believed to have been riding a bus. During the journey he keeps phoning Thompson’s mom, and reveals he is headed to New York City.

Brinsley arrives in New York City, in the West Side, and rides the subway to Brooklyn.

He throws away Thompson’s phone in the Barclays Center. The NYPD later recovered it. Investigators are unclear where he goes between midday and the killings at 2.47pm.

Baltimore County Police send the NYPD a fax alerting them to Brinsley and his intentions. By the time it filters down to the rank-and-file, he has already struck.

Brinsley identifies his targets in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, tells passersby to watch, then fires four shots at them.
As he flees he confronts two Con Edison drivers, who chase him in their truck and point officers in their direction.
He runs into the Myrtle/Willoughby G train station, where he shoots himself dead on the platform

Please help us out if you have any facts.
-Nation19 Magazine / APDTA

68 thoughts on “Is the NYPD killings a False Flag or a Hoax? We have questions.

  1. Wendy says:

    Look at the photo the alleged shooter took of himself and posted on Instagram right before he killed himself in subway station. It is a photo of his left leg and shoe, shoelace missing. Next look at the photo of the alleged killer being taken out of the subway station on a gurney after he killed himself, the left shoe is fully laced up.

  2. James says:

    Oh wow, you’re really reaching with these. This is a level of conspiratardness that even the 9/11 truthers and chemtards haven’t gone to.

    Nice try.

    It happened. Deal with it.

    • David Lomax says:

      “It happened. Deal with it.”

      What happened; a possible staged-event by the NYPD “red squad” / assassination team, and then hurriedly moved off of the front pages with nothing in the way of thorough follow-up investigations. You know, such as DNA, toxicology, ballistics, and autopsy reports? That ? We ARE “dealing” with it; we’re trying to investigate where the NYPD has NO INTENTION OF GOING.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    I’ve been up all night sifting through countless articles, videos, and corresponding comments regarding the recent police shootings. For some reason, I decided to search the officers’ names in Bing. I came across a Chinese profile that looks like it hasn’t been updated in years with a photo that left me speechless. Does it look to you that this man’s photo was manipulated into the bogus official photo format you see throughout the mainstream media regarding NYPD drills?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      I’m just following up on the link I posted above a few days ago. From my research, I have gathered that this profile is from the website of Chengdu Polytechnic University. Please note that you can clearly see “wenjian” and “liu” within the URL and that the birth year is 1963, which would make this person 51 years old if he is still alive (Officer Wenjian Liu was said to have been 32 years old). The profile is of associate professor, Liu Xiabio. Below is the English translation of the entire profile. Take note of the achievements and the department where he had worked.

      Course Leader / Associate Professor Liu Xiaobo

      Liu Xiaobo
      Date of birth
      February 1963
      Final degree
      Bachelor of Science
      Bachelor of Philosophy
      Job title
      Associate Professor
      Political Department Director
      Where the faculty

      Chengdu Aeronautic Vocational and Technical College Party Propaganda Department

      Mailing address
      South Second Ring Road section of the 20th, 610,021

      Ideological and Political Education


      Main courses taught
      Course Title Course Category week session of the total number of hours the number of students
      Marxist Political Economy 12 Public Courses hours / week for two consecutive sessions of 320 people
      Marxism Course Philosophy 12 hours / week for two consecutive sessions of 280 people
      Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents public course 14 hours / week for four consecutive sessions of 650 people
      Mao Zedong Thought and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics common lesson 14 hours / week for three consecutive sessions of 280 people
      Morality and legal basis for public courses 14 hours / week for three consecutive sessions of 760 people

      Teaching and research topics

      Vocational Education Research ① students’ comprehensive professional quality 2003 2004 hospital-level project director
      ② College Cultural Quality Education Research and Practice 2004 provincial project director
      Public Basic Teaching Reform program 2007-2009 school level three project ③ Exemplary Vocational Leader
      ④ vocational students thinking Creative Ability Scheme 2008 -2009 School Class Project Leader
      ⑤ Vocational College Students Quality Education Research and Practice Training System 2008-2009 school level II Project Leader

      Academic Research

      The public offering of academic journals

      ① “today’s cultural quality education in universities Problems and countermeasures,” Career Horizon 2008
      ② “Ideological and Political Education of College Students in the focus of the” Southwest University for Nationalities in 2008
      ③ “fully aware of the importance of quality education and cultural value” Chengdu Aeronautic Vocational and Technical College in 2008
      ④ “Marxist theory of the historical process of China’s way of thinking,” Political Education] 2006
      ⑤ “Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Opinions” Chengdu Aeronautic Vocational and Technical College in 2007
      ⑥ “the meaning and content of vocational education personnel core of professionalism”, “Chengdu Aeronautic Vocational and Technical College” 2004 3

      Gained recognition and reward academic research

      ① 1998 March by the title of Excellent Young Teachers
      ② 2003-2004 in Sichuan Province, “Two” outstanding teachers
      ③ 2005-2006 won the Academy “excellent teacher”
      ④ 2006 essay “Students’ Vocation Education main content and approach” by the Institute of Education and Research Outstanding Paper Award

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      And… I kept on digging. I found recent articles pertaining to Liu Xiaobo and he happens to be a 58-year old Chinese political prisoner as he was advocating political changes in his country. In fact, he advocated a constitutional government and was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. What throws me into a tailspin this time is wondering why the profile I found shows a birth year of 1963 and a photo of a person who looks very much like the alleged 32-year old officer, Wenjian Liu. Does anybody out there have any more insight on these discoveries?

    • David Lomax says:

      “Why nobody is interviewing the girlfriend … ”

      The girlfriend, a Shaneka Nicole Thompson, HAS spoken, but NOT to the press – ever; only to (count with me) one Baltimore County police detective, two NYPD detectives, and the, um, military (I had to dig into the Fayetteville, NC papers for THAT one, mkay ?) Her mother, a Cynthia Thompson of Winnsboro, SC, another very critical witness, has also (as of February 9th, 2015) NOT spoken to the press , AT ALL. The burning question remains, WHY THE HELL NOT?

  4. Aaronette says:

    My issue is that o f the police started monitoring him at 6:30 and they knew he was on a bus why didn’t they pull the bus over by state troopers? This whole story smells.

    • Anthony says:

      Agreed…excuses are being sought right now. Maybe more NYPD officers blood on “peaceful protesters” hands will satisfy them.

      • David Lomax says:

        The two officers were allegedly shot from the front passenger-side window. You’ll notice, however, that of the 25 or so photos of the police circulating, NONE, repeat NONE show the car from the passenger-side (“shooter’s”) view. The photo view, NO MATTER THE ANGLE, is always from the driver’s side. and yes, the car certainly DOES NOT look as if two people received FOUR close-range gunshots (two head shots) . The inside windshield, dashboard, and center console look as if the car has just rolled off of the Ford assembly line: PRISTINE. The ARROGANCE of these fascists never ceases to astound me; and they DARE us to do anything about it. “Nothing to see here folks; MOVE IT THE HELL ALONG”.

  5. FindBetterExcuses says:

    The BCPD would use a more current picture opposed to the past arrest picture depending upon the timeline of the past arrest. Also CCTV footage would not be released to the public due to the gross nature of the footage, like when someone is struck by a train.

  6. no match says:

    Um HELLO!!!!! The shoes are not the same in the pictures… 2 different styles. One has white with green in by the laces. The other is bluish green.

  7. no match says:

    Even the style of fatigues is totally off… One has the old school forest fatigues, the other with the new digital style. Wow.. Totally messed that up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I heard initially that there was a witness on the platform that said police shot him. The news reported her as a female eyewitness. Where did he shoot himself and what was the angle of entry.

  9. Anonymous says:

    #11 the window is shot out on the passenger side. Get a real job. You’re reaching. There are tons of ameteur videos from the building right across the street from civilians that show this really happened.

    • admin says:

      Ok. It’s reaching to answer questions? Is this America or is this Eastern Germany 1940? First of all the videos are great…but we never said nobody wasn’t killed…we don’t have any facts these are questions. You may want to study up on what a false flag is. There are many and people were killed.

  10. igotsoneanswers says:

    1. The photo on the poster was used because it shows what he looks like in everyday life, with regular clothes and glasses and not a jail jump suit.

    3. If he has been arrested before the databases will contain information such as languages spoken, religion, and any alerts

    4. He has no logic. They are police officers he picked at random. But all he saw was a badge.

    5. Unless the person is dead on scene, he will be handcuffed. If pronounced dead immediately, then the body will remain untouched until the scene has been processed. Looks like paramedics were transporting him so yea handcuffs are in order

    6. Did you read the wanted poster? They had information on what he planned to do. the wanted poster is a summary, other information is sent with it normally so I’m sure they saw specifically what was on his Instagram.

    7. Threats are taken seriously, even if they are on social media, and now you see why.

    8. Probably. They don’t have to release it…

    9. I read her story on the news outlets. Hope she recovers.

    10. Why does it matter? And anyway there has been one other photo of her used, not that it matters.

    11. The passenger window is clearly shattered. More than likely that is the entry point.

    12. Uh, no.

    13. Departments tend to use the same photo background for their officers’ photos.

    14. Because he probably reached in his pocket and got his phone. It happens if the officer chooses not to remove the phone from the person. And just because you are in a police station does not always mean you are arrested or detained….victims, witnesses, etc.

  11. Anonymous says:

    1). Many people threaten things and don’t follow through. Faxing the look out for so many threats is common.
    4). Because the anger is focused on the police not the race of the police. Black officers are seen as Uncle Tom’s and other races are seen simply as cops.
    5). Cops aren’t doctors they can’t pronounce death, so every violent suspect, unless it is obvious (i.e. decapitation) is handcuffed.
    6). It was inferred via the social media postings.
    7). Not 100% reliable, which is why the lookout was faxed and no phone call was made to NYPD. Also it shows intent when looked at in hindsight.
    9). In areas with with a high volume of violent crime frequently most are not reported in the news. Not too mention if the crime happened after the deadline for a show or printing it’s not “news alert” worthy.
    10). Perhaps it is the only photo the family of the ex-girlfriend wanted to release.
    11). Already addressed the bullet holes, but the blood could very easily be on the interior where the camera angle didn’t catch it (i.e. seats, bottom of the doors, dash, floor)
    12). From the reports I’ve read Officers Liu and Ramos were sitting in their marked vehicle. Visability in those vehicles isn’t the greatest and a person can walk up from the rear sides and never be seen.
    13). It is not uncommon for ID photos to have some solid color as their background as part of the security features.
    14). Is not a police station. It is a photo of a Customs and Border Protection port of entry office. He was not being arrested at that time. He was waiting.

    • Questions says:

      Now answer the shoelace question?… How is the shoelace gone in his pic right before he killed himself, but his show fully tied while dead on the stretcher? Where are the amateur videos of him shooting himself ? I have not been able to find one .. Please send me a link ..

  12. Anonymous says:

    1. He looks A LITTLE chubbier in that photo they have from the past arrest. The photo on that flyer was one of the more recent ones on the IG (I was able to fully browse the profile before it got deleted). Had they used that photo from the past arrest, they MIGHT NOT have recognized him.
    2. Okay?
    3. I wonder the same thing
    4. His goal was not to kill White officers. He said he was going to kill 2 “pigs”. Thats it. Only color he needed to see was blue.
    5. Valid question, but If i recall correctly, he was being chased by police into the station so in their mind all they probably had in mind was “arrest him.” So regardless of if he shot himself or not, once they saw him their “goal” was to just put him in cuffs. The better question would probably be “Is it protocol to ‘arrest’ a suspect that might be dead?”
    6. See 7
    7. The same way Instagram is a reliable source for arresting people that commit crimes against civilians.
    8. If theyre asking for platform footage, valid question
    9. Google it. When I heard about the girlfriend situation that day, I immediately Googled Baltimore News and saw it was there earlier in the day.
    11. I guess the broken glass and the fact that they were shot INSIDE the car isn’t enough
    12. Coincidence tbh. Other officers were posted at that same spot earlier in the week. Although I do wonder how they found out he was Muslim.
    13. Family members have posted photos/statuses about them. A girl from my college is a relative of officer Liu and wrote a FB post about it and officer Ramos’s son posted photos and statuses too.
    14. Ask Baltimore PD

    • admin says:

      Thank you for answering our questions. Some of the questions are now out of date and have been answered some have not been answered. We get allot of Anonymous comments…but we noticed you are commenting from what looks like a version mobile phone in Brooklyn NY from a dynamic IP address. Are you a cop? Your answer to #5 is hilarious. We are awaiting confirmation to see if it is policy to handcuff a deceased suspect.

    • Questions says:

      And officer Ramos sons profile looks fake…. I looked at it and him and the wife’s fb both look like they begin around the same exact time . I didn’t see many pics of officer Ramos on the wife’s page.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely disgusting & disturbing. I hope the officers families never come across this page. As a sister of a cop I would be complety disgusted after reading this so called blog if my brother got killed during line of duty and you called it a hoax.

    • Mark says:

      Because, despite people and the media using the term, it was in fact a Critical Response Detail, which is not the same as a drill. It’s when a precinct borrows officers from other precincts to work overtime to increase police presence in an area, either because of a threat, increase in crime, special event in the area, etc. Google that phrase, and you’ll find articles correctly referencing what they were doing.

    • David Lomax says:

      Correct, some reports said that Brinsley had a car, on, I believe Myrtle and Nostrand Avenues “with MARYLAND plates”. That makes sense, as the NY Times reported that Brinsley LIVED WITH THOMPSON in MD, and her previous spot in Fayetteville, NC; quiet as it’s kept (because it doesn’t quite fit the narrative). I mean, they don’t want to spoil the tidy narrative of the “lone nut gunman” by revealing that Thompson, “America’s Victim, Holder of a Master’s Degree, and a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force, was actually boo-ed-up with a scallywag such as Brinsley, now DO they? !

  14. Anonymous says:

    No one under a certain age group refers to cops as pigs any more. The Instagram account was manipulated. The guy was not a protester or militant, and no prior convictions regarding a gun. The guy would have to be a sniper to kill both cops without a scratch. At least one of them would have ducked after the first guy got shot and returned fire.

  15. Anonymous says:

    1. Faxes are probably more instant than email, boop you got a fax. Call them to warn them? How would a phone description of the perp be more accurate than having a copy of the WANTED poster with his face on it. They use a more recent photo of him rather than an old one because it’s easier to recognize someone by the clothes they wear rather than their face and he could have been wearing those clothes that day.
    2. He stole his ex girlfriends phone, which was how he was able to use it and phone the mother and apologize for shooting her “by accident”.
    3.There are so many different Police Units , police DON’T just do PATROLS on the street. They have so many other people working in other units on a case they can get info quickly.
    4.Why would he avenge Garner and Brown? Because he had mental issues. Why did he kill 2 Heros which were Asian & Latino? Because in everyones damn eyes it doesn’t matter who we are or what race, you people are the racist ones. We are blue lives blue is our race and you choose to be racist and hate us because we are blue. #Bluelivesmatter
    5. Brinsley was handcuffed on an Ambulance stretcher because every law enforcement officer knows that safety comes first, how do we know he is dead? We will take extra precautions and handcuff the perp until we are sure he is of no danger to anyone one of us or anyone else.
    6. We naturally assumed this was retaliation because of what he said on Instagram and what he Hash-tagged along with his photo of a firearm.
    7.His alleged instagram page is a reliable source because it’s his god damn instgram page what more should I say? The fact that he posted status up about what he was going to do and also carried out with it?
    8. Not all SUBWAY stations have CCTV, why do you need it there were plenty of eyewitnesses.
    9. There are plenty of shootings every single day here in NYC do you see those in the papers? NO
    10. Why does it matter if thats her only picture? Why does it matter if she is a military personnel or not? What does this have to do with the tragedy that has happened? Why do you ask dumb questions?
    11. The police car doesn’t show any visible bullet holes maybe because the bullet was shot threw the window and the glass shattered. Use common sense/logic.
    12. What makes him Muslim? Last time I checked on question 3 you stated that just because he has an Arabic name it doesn’t make him Muslim. Why are you contradicting yourself?
    13. I don’t know why it’s green probably for editing their pictures on their ID.What makes it a movie green screen? Just because it’s a green wall doesn’t make it a movie green screen right?
    14. They don’t take your belonging when you are being detained and being detained doesn’t mean you are arrested (correct me if i’m wrong). How do we know that’s a photo he took it may as well be a photo on google images.

    I hope i’ve answered all your questions so you can go away as we mourn our dead brothers who won’t be able to spend their Christmas with their loved ones.

    • admin says:

      Your last sentence. “I hope i’ve answered all your questions so you can go away as we mourn our dead brothers who won’t be able to spend their Christmas with their loved ones.” You must be a NYC Brooklyn Police officer. Since you are mourning your dead brothers…it would be inline to also want to know the truth of what happened.

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    Max Malone did a YouTube show on Monday where he and other users went over evidence of inconsistencies for several hours. Shoelaces and lack of shattered glass and blood splatter aside, they also cover the photos of the alleged shooter dead on the subway platform where his face was covered in blood. Then, as he was being wheeled away on the gurney, his face and hair were clean, he had a neck brace of sorts, had his hands cuffed behind his back, and an alleged EMT is performing fake CPR (there are videos on YouTube that show this). In addition, you could see people tampering with evidence and not following protocol in the videos depicting the scene. In a street level view of the scene, not many have come out and said this, but Officer Liu looks like a bald mannequin (no blood, and no entry or exit wounds). Also, in Max’s Monday show, he showed a clip of what was allegedly the subway station at the time officers arrived at the shooter’s body. No sense of urgency is seen, people are laughing and joking, and one kid shouts “I’m color blind!” And to add more to the inconsistencies, look up the press releases of alleged family members of the officers and officials. Fake crying, laughing, joking around galore. And those only fake photos that keep circulating throughout the media of the officers? How can people out there still not be questioning this event?

    • Brooklyn gal says:

      Do you have screen shots or URL of the photos of Brinsley’s body on the platform with his face covered in blood? Please post what you have so others can see it.

      FYI- in case no one has done this, try Googling the distance between Shaneka Thompson’s address (published by the Daily Mail UK butt not by any American newspaper or TV station, as far as I can find). You will find she lives across the street from the AMC Movie theater in Owings Mill, MD. Then go on Google Maps and find the distance between her apartment and the Bolt Bus depot on St. Paul in Baltiore. You’ll see it’s over 19 miles. Then check Google again to see how long it would take to drive from her apartment to the St. Paul bus depot- 24 minutes in good traffic.

      Then, check the timeline on all news stories to see when Brinsley presumably fled her apartment – 5:50 am, because cops are called and arrive around 5:51 am and he is already gone.

      Then, check the time it takes to go by public transportation from her apartment to the Bolt Bus depot. Answer: 1 hour and 1 minute.

      That means Brinsley would have arrived at the Bolt bus depot at 6:50 a.m.

      Then, look at the official timeline for when Brinsley is said to have boarded the Bolt Bus: 6:35 a.m. That’s according to Rachel Maddow, the NY Times, & everyone else.

      Does it sound to anyone like Brinsley took a bus to NYC?

      Only the Daily News reported that he drove his car and that it was found near the scene of the crime, with Maryland plates, by NYPD.

      Then ask yourselves, especially you, Anonymous, why it is that Baltimore PD, which started tracking Thompson’s cell phone as soon as it started “pinging” around 6:05 am, did not contact the Bolt Bus operator? Why did they note have a police block at all bus stations in Baltimore? Brinsley escaped the apartment at 5:50 a.m. Baltimore news reports show that Thompson was on the phone with her mother during the argument and right before she was shot and that her mother called the police after hearing from Brinsley. Early reports out of Baltimore say that the mother filled in cops as to Brinsley’s criminal record, name, description, etc.

      So what kept Baltimore police from issuing an APB to all bridge and toll operators on I-95 North? They were following his phone up I-95 for 4 1/2 hours. Again, what is wrong with this picture? Does this sound like normal police activity in trying to track down a fugitive?

      Not from any case I remember.

      What’s wrong with this picture?

  17. Disgusted says:

    This blog is completely disgusting and disturbing. I pray that the families of the officeres NEVER come across this page. How can you say that the murder of these innocent officeres were a hoax!? So, I’m guessing you also think 9/11 was a hoax and the Boston bombing as well? As a sister of a police officer I would be sick to my stomach if this was my brother that got killed in the line of duty protecting the citizens of NYC and if I came across this stupid, drama causing blog article. Seriously, maybe you need to write something more important to society and that is how “fathers” need to be a father in their kids lives.

  18. Concerned Citizen says:

    Well, I just found an article posted yesterday on the New York Daily News website. In one of my above posts, I mentioned that you could clearly see relatives of the alleged fallen officers faking crying (search for yourself on YouTube) and officials joking around before they realized they were live on CNN. Also of note is that all these family members, whether they were from the Liu family or the Ramos family, were reading straight from a script and barely showing any real emotion. Well, in this New York Daily News article, there is a video of Officer Ramos’ alleged son making a public statement. He, too, is reading straight from a script (poorly, I might add) and showing zero emotion. His father was just supposedly gunned down a few days ago and he is showing no emotion whatsoever? This entire story stinks to high heavens. Watch for yourself below:

    Officer Ramos’ adult son? I thought he had a 13-year old son, but I’m not sure if the media disclosed other children.
    Officer Liu’s wife and mother (or mother-in-law?) making a press release reading from a script and not even shedding a tear…
    Another press release with some other clown…

    What do you think?

  19. first amendment says:

    After reading some of these comments it just reassures me in what I’ve been thinking. First of blue is not a race, having badge does not make you better than anyone else #alllivematter. Blue continues in violating first ammendment rights everyday, and utilizing false information to do what they choose. We all know blue is crooked. They reared their ugly head and no matter how much they try to hand out gifts to children we see behind the phonie act. Not all cops are bad, but you all are followers of hatred. You do what you are told, which makes you sheeple. Questions need to be answered. People are tired of trusting the untrustworthy. You don’t have to like what I say, but you know it’s the truth. The actions of the majority of blue, is why people of all races and backgrounds are fighting back with their first ammendment right, but blue doesn’t like that. Blue is nothing but a gang, the largest gang in this so called free country, where blue gets away with murder.

  20. Concerns says:

    Funny how my comments are not making it on here. Are you deleting comments that are against this blog to make your “theory” seem more valid?

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    Here is proof that the alleged shooter wasn’t even wearing the same shoes as shown in his alleged lace-less Instagram post as he was taken from the subway platform and loaded onto the ambulance. To me, these look like light blue Vans or some other tennis-shoe-styled footwear. In this video clip, you can also hear someone saying, “He’s dead already, Bob.” Why was that thrown in there?

    • Mark says:

      The instagram picture of his shoe wasn’t taken in the subway platform. No subway floor anywhere in NYC looks like that, and specifically not that particular subway. He took that picture sometime before killing the cops, probably in Baltimore. He then changed shoes for the trip to NYC

  22. norse kode says:

    thank you for confirming my suspicions here in the uk.&we just had the fake glasgow bin crash aka mossad attack the crown soap opera stylee .I must say the american trolls are hilarious..they must be on loads of money..the uk trolls have to be a bit more discreet if they hope to gain the ever paranoid support of the homegrown truthers in cyberspace.Have you heard of Chris Spivey?hes a uk investigative journalist smashing the false flags to bits..go check him out guys and girls..peace &love 1&all x

  23. mr.nicety says:

    Soon as I heard this happened when the “details” came out I had some of the same questions… here’s another couple .. why would dude leave his own city where there is oppression by cops as well, and come all the way to BE to execute this, and why did this BIG come out of the woods like this? I smelled set up from the start…

  24. David Lomax says:

    As soon as I’d heard of this incident, I immediately thought: false flag, agent provocateur, staged event, or hoax.

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