Glowing UFOs Over Neighborhood In AZ Dec 2013

UFO sighting: Maricopa County, Arizona, USA december 2013 Nation19 / APDTA

These glowing comet like craft were seen last week moving around in different directions over some homes in Arizona. At first they look like orbs, but then they change direction and appear to look longer or have a glowing trail. A couple years ago Nation19 founders witnessed and filmed these ships in the same location!

Date of sighting: December 8, 2013 Location of sighting: Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

2 thoughts on “Glowing UFOs Over Neighborhood In AZ Dec 2013

  1. josef says:

    I live in Maricopa and saw this once at night in December and just a couple nights ago, again. This time I thought it was coming at me and my daughter. It kept coming till it was a few hundred feet away. Then it seemed to stay in the same place for a bit. Only about a couple hundred feet up in the air. Then it went up higher heading towards casa Grande. Only way I could describe it was it looked like a glittering Orange fireball, and something was in the center. The part that didn’t make sense, is that it changed direction. This all happened in the night of the 17th Of Feb. Both me and my 4 year old were witness to it. I’ve seen this a few times now.. Strange.

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