Charleston County Judge James “Skip” Gosnell also called black people niggers in court

By now you have either heard that Judge James “Skip” Gosnell opened the court proceeding with a personal statement for 21-year-old Dylann Roof, the white terrorist killer of nine innocent black people who were praying in a church. Judge Gosnell’s statement led off by expressing sympathy for the families of the murder victims, but by calling for sympathy for the family of the terrorist white killer.

“We have victims — nine of them. But we also have victims on the other side,” Gosnell said. “Nobody would have ever thrown them into the whirlwind of events that they are being thrown into. We must find it in our heart at some point in time not only to help those that are victims but to also help his family as well.” –  

But did you know this Judge was criticized by the Supreme Court for using racial slurs?

Four kinds of people…
In 2005 Judge Gosnell was officially reprimanded by the South Carolina Supreme Court for using a racial epithet aimed at a black defendant in court. this is what the Judge said:

“There are four kinds of people in this world: black people, white people, red necks, and Niggers,” Gosnell told an African-American defendant at a bond hearing in 2003, according to the state Supreme Court legal record of the case. Click here to read the reprimand. 

In another situation Gosnell was also reprimanded for granting preferential treatment to a fellow judge who had been arrested for DUI, helping the judge be set free from a detention cell before appearing at a legally-required bond hearing. (SMH)

The way Judge Gosnell referred to this killer was like he was talking to his grandson who broke a vase in the living room. This is another example of why we need real Justice or else.

APDTA (All People Don’t Trust America)

Full video Hearing from Charleston County Government.

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