Charleston County Judge James “Skip” Gosnell also called black people niggers in court

By now you have either heard that Judge James “Skip” Gosnell opened the court proceeding with a personal statement for 21-year-old Dylann Roof, the white terrorist killer of nine innocent black people who were praying in a church. Judge Gosnell’s statement led off by expressing sympathy for the families of the murder victims, but by calling for sympathy for the family of the terrorist white killer.

“We have victims — nine of them. But we also have victims on the other side,” Gosnell said. “Nobody would have ever thrown them into the whirlwind of events that they are being thrown into. We must find it in our heart at some point in time not only to help those that are victims but to also help his family as well.” –  

But did you know this Judge was criticized by the Supreme Court for using racial slurs?

Four kinds of people…
In 2005 Judge Gosnell was officially reprimanded by the South Carolina Supreme Court for using a racial epithet aimed at a black defendant in court. this is what the Judge said:

“There are four kinds of people in this world: black people, white people, red necks, and Niggers,” Gosnell told an African-American defendant at a bond hearing in 2003, according to the state Supreme Court legal record of the case. Click here to read the reprimand. 

In another situation Gosnell was also reprimanded for granting preferential treatment to a fellow judge who had been arrested for DUI, helping the judge be set free from a detention cell before appearing at a legally-required bond hearing. (SMH)

The way Judge Gosnell referred to this killer was like he was talking to his grandson who broke a vase in the living room. This is another example of why we need real Justice or else.

APDTA (All People Don’t Trust America)

Full video Hearing from Charleston County Government.

If Dylann Roof was Black

On June 17, a young, white male gunman opened fire inside a predominantly black Charleston church, killing at least nine people who gathered inside for a prayer group. The man identified as the shooter—21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof—was apprehended 14 hours later in North Carolina.

But if he was Black it would have been a different story:
A Black Man with a long criminal record of drug possession with possible ties to terrorist organizations and/or street gangs killed 9 innocent people at a Church in Charleston. The 21-year-old was shot 114 times by Police while seated in the vehicle after he refused to show identification 14 hours later in North Carolina.

Well since he is not black we researched some facts about this Terrorist  Murderous drug dealing white supremacist.

He was a Criminal with a record:
Arrested for felony drug possession and once for trespassing. Via the New York Times:

He was reportedly out on bond for the felony drug charge at the time of the shooting.

He’s Openly Racist:
His license plate has three Confederate flags on it.

Seen posing in the woods wearing a jacket with flags from both apartheid-era South Africa and the former white supremacist state of Rhodesia.

He Told People He Was Planning a Massacre
According to the New York Daily News, Roof told friends he was planning a massacre—but they say they thought he was joking because he had a “deadpan sense of humor.”

He had a Message to the Blackmen at the Church.
“You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

He was not thrown to the ground, kicked, punched, tasered, pepper sprayed, or shot:
Roof managed to elude capture for almost 14 hours following the shooting. He was finally apprehended around 11 a.m., 250 miles from Charleston.

Police initiated a traffic stop after a call about a suspicious vehicle.
Roof—who was armed—was taken into custody without major incident. Later he was seen wearing a bullet proof vest to protect him.


One of the 9 killed was Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a South Carolina state Senator and the pastor of the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina


US has swastika-shaped military buildings and they are no accident!

The US Navy’s giant swastika-shaped barracks, built in the late 1960’s and located at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado near San Diego, is the biggest government subsidized swastika display on Earth! Is this something new or shocking…unfortunately, no.

An Israeli American researcher found out the origin of the Navy’s enormous swastika shaped barracks complex, and the likelihood that the complex was “accidental” is close to zero. Evidence unearthed demonstrates, almost certainly, that the building complex was no “accident”…

An architectural document submitted to the US Navy, by the architectural firm that designed the Coronado swastika complex, that was signed off on by US Navy Rear Admiral Robert R. Wooding on March 5, 1968.

An architectural document submitted to the US Navy, by the architectural firm that designed the Coronado swastika complex, that was signed off on by US Navy Rear Admiral Robert R. Wooding on March 5, 1968.

The roots of the Nazi’s and their eugenic’s program lie in the USA (funded by Rockefeller) brought as much as 1500 Nazi doctors and researchers under Operation Paperclip, some of them went into the nuclear industry in Los Alamos, but many of them were placed in key positions in hospitals and in medical research facilities, both in the United States and in Canada, eg Mengele went into MKUltra while Wernher von Braun headed up NASA.

General Reinhard Gehlen was Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence against Russia. Upon arriving in Washington D.C. in 1945, Gehlen met extensively with President Truman, General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Allen Dulles, who would later become the stalwart head of the CIA. Gehlen returned to West Germany in the summer of 1946 with a mandate to rebuild his espionage organization and resume spying on the East at the behest of American intelligence.

Check out this Nazi Poster from from 1938 and the other from the US from 1989

A German poster for the National Socialist German Students’ League featuring a smiling blonde student holding the flag of the organisation, circa 1935. The caption reads ‘Der Deutsche Student kampft fur Fuhrer und Volk’ . Poster by Ludwig Hohlwein.


Marines w Nazi SS flag in Afghanistan
Marines posing with a Nazi SS flag in Afghanistan

19 things you can’t do being black in America

19 things you can’t do being black in America (according to racist). Click the links to see more. Some of these are hard to read and watch.

1. Listen to loud music at a gas station.

2. Walk home from a snack run to 7-11.

3. Wear a hoodie.

4. Walk down the street with a friend.

5. Ask a police for his badge number.

6. Walk on the wrong side of the street.

7. Wait for a school bus to take you to your high school basketball game.

8. Drink iced tea in a parking lot.

9. Ask for help after a car accident.

10. Inspect the property you just bought.

11. Working at your job.

12. Throw a temper tantrum in kindergarten.

13. Be a 13-year-old boy.

14. Enter your own home.

15. Botch a science experiment.

16. Lay face down in handcuffs. (Oscar Grant Killed in SF by BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle)

17. Protest

18. Be successful.

19. Question the media or give an alternative view to questionable false flags or a hoax.

Bonus: Don’t stop fights, don’t sell loose cigarettes on the corner…and don’t film cops choking a black man to death.

The Revolution will be Socialized #

Amidst everything going on in baltimore, and the uprisings and cries for justice across America, we’ve received some pretty interesting feedback on our social media regarding the Death of Freddie Gray and the recent protest we posted. You would think these people time traveled from the 60’s and learned how to use social media overnight lol. Unfortunately that is not the case. These are the people you see everyday at the grocery store, on the bus, or even your co-workers.

This is the video we posted on Facebook:

Take a look at the comments to our post on Facebook:



Take a look at the screen captures below:IMG_3778
















After reading all of these inhuman racial slurs, it was a breath of fresh air to see the
Maryland State Attorney for the city of Baltimore Marilyn Mosby announce on Friday morning that Freddie Gray‘s death in police custody was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner, and that there is sufficient probable cause to file criminal charges against the six officers involved.

The six Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray will now face criminal charges ranging from murder to manslaughter to assault. The driver of the police van was charged with second-degree murder, while three officers were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Other officers were also charged with assault in connection with the murder.

Though all six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray were released from the Central Booking and Intake Center downtown Friday night after posting bail, court records show.

These are the next steps in the case:

•A city grand jury will consider the charges and decide whether to indict.

•If indicted, the officers would have an arraignment in which they would enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

•If entering a not guilty plea, attorneys for the officers would then likely make motions before a judge, asking, for example, for certain evidence to be excluded or for a change of venue.

•The officers would then have the option of a trial before a judge or jury if they do not wish to seek a plea deal with prosecutors.

The revolution is physical and social, and every hashtag, every comment and every share is an important part of getting justice and truth. Every vote… I mean POST counts. Yes the revolution will be socialized!