Blasting Through E3 2015 with Nation19!

E3 2015 was full of excitement from day one June 15th, until the last hour today June 18th. If you don’t know what E3 is, it is the biggest convention of video games on the planet. There are others, like Tokyo Game Show and Pax, but what makes E3 the biggest is that it is primarily the place where million to billion dollar deals go down between all of the major gaming companies. It’s not open to the public basically for that reason. Game developers, publishers and investors all gather to show off their latest works, ideas and investment plans. This year was no exception and we’re here to bring you a little run through of what we saw during our time there.Blasting Through E3_Nation19_PS

First off, this show was full energy! All three of the major console companies (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) came with fire! Nintendo had Starfox Zero which was literally for some people like a dream come true. There has not been an installment in the Starfox series since the days of Gamecube, and since the days of the N64 for the flight sim style shooter genre of Starfox games. Nintendo’s 3DS was full of surprises with a full array of new titles coming like a new Fire Emblem game and a game called Yokai Watch, an insanely popular role playing game straight from Japan that has sold upwards of 10 million copies there and will be making its first appearance stateside this year. Microsoft brought their guns out literally with new Halo and Gears of Wars titles, and their smooth cars came breezing through with their latest Forza installment as well. Microsoft also showcased briefly a game developed by the original Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune called Recore. ( Keiji Inafune is an OG).  Sony blew threw the gates with The Last Guardian, a highly anticipated sequel to the games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, it overwhelmed some people. As did the announcement that a remake of Final Fantasy 7 is in the works. I personally know two people who cried at this announcement, its that big! For the fighters, Street Fighter 5 was there playable, and it’s the business! Hadouken! Sonic Boom! (Whatchu know about that!) Street Fighter 5 will be an exclusive Playstation 4 title, releasing Spring next year.Blasting Through E3_Nation19_Xbox

There were also many third party developers and other electronic developers in attendance. The new Rockband 4 was in full swing as was the new Guitar Hero. Both games are ready to get the party started, with Guitar Hero showcasing a new guitar utilizing 6 buttons, 3 on top of 3, making the strumming of your gaming guitar a little more realistic in gaming terms. Nyko had brand new hard drive solutions for the gamers who download mass games from their respective favorite companies’ online stores. There was even a company who had a tailgate-party style full speaker and TV solution that got the party started anywhere your truck’s tailgate can be opened.

Blasting Through E3_Nation19_gamers

Overall the show was a wakeup call and a refreshment to all who were involved. Basically it showed that even in the state that the economy is in and is headed in, billions of dollars can be circulated if you have the right ideas and can execute those ideas in ways that the masses can enjoy themselves. For many, that’s what videogames are all about. They are a quick escape from the everyday life into a different world, a fun filled challenge between good friends, or maybe even the bridge that connects two soul mates haha! As long as people can enjoy themselves, there is money to be made in the video game industry. Do you have any new video game ideas? Are they fun? Are they really fun,or do you lowkey think they are whack? Let us know!

Written by Jahsua Muhammad Ali (Nation19 Gaming Expert)

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